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Flowmon Addresses Security and Performance

If you’re working in an organization that has a lot of moving parts but very few ways to check up on those parts you know how maddening it can be when you are trying to track down a problem and get it fixed. Worse yet, if those requirements cross over some silo you’re going to have to involve multiple teams that don’t always see eye to eye. In fact, that whole process is why new cross-functional setups like DevOps and SecOps have formed.

Matt Leib has spent a lot of time in the IT space and he knows how hard it can be to figure out all these challenges. He has taken a look at once company that could potentially bridge those gaps with visibility across a variety of workloads and siloes. Flowmon is part of Kemp, which was recently acquired by Progress. In this post, Matt looks at what Flowmon offers to the IT professionals looking to increase security and solve performance issues:

Siloing operations within the data center is a completely non collaborative and inefficient practice. Breaking down the walls between teams has been a goal for enterprise IT in recent years. We’ve seen, for example, the merging of Storage, and Virtualization, as well as the goals of virtualization moving into the networking space. The next frontier is the Network Operations and the Security Operations groups.

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