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Giving Past Burnout

I’ve written and talked a lot about burnout in the past few months. I know that we’re all more burned out than we are willing to admit. However, it doesn’t mean that people are not looking at what’s happening and trying to do something about it. Often all it takes to understand where you are is having a moment to sit down and think through the situation. It’s like a giant “You Are Here” sign to let you know what’s going on and where you need to go from there.

Nick Korte read what I have written and he took a unique view on things. From his perspective, there are lots of burnout problems being caused by people that give and give and eventually find themselves completely depleted because there’s nothing left. This can apply in so many other places that you may not even be considering. Nick takes a careful look at a bunch of suggested fixes for working past burnout and applies some important logic to all of them to help you decide how you need to do things going forward.

As he puts in the post:

Someone may say you need to take up a hobby or find something that sparks a creative interest.  And make it something a little different than your normal job.  Would that do the trick to protect you from burnout?  It might help, and it might give you energy.  But think a little harder.  Think about why that likely won’t sustain you long term.  If there’s no way to provide meaning and awareness of impact, you’re missing it.  You will still be lacking what led you to burn out in the first place.

Read more of this great post at Nick’s blog here: Giving Past Burnout

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