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GPUs, Big Data, Security, and the IoT

Edward Haletky of The Virtualization Practice comments:

Like a car, Z-Wave in a home or industrial plant, and many other controllers, the IoT starts with a mesh of devices all talking to each other locally. GPUs further enable the mesh of devices and local control of data, forming automatic actions on ingest of data local to the sensors. As the IoT becomes more complex, data will encounter multiple levels of meshed devices, controls, and automatic operations long before it reaches a big data repository.

Once data is within the repository, even more actions can be predicted, interrogated, and acted upon. We know how to secure the big data pool: companies like Dataguise have been doing it for years. The question now is “how do you protect the mesh of devices forming the sensor net?”

Securing Big Data is likely to be just as big as the data being secured. Read on for some of Edward’s thoughts on the subject.

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