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Why HP and Cisco passed on VMware EVO

Keith Townsend of Virtualized Geek comments:

I’ve been accused of being a conspiracy theorist, and I’m sure this post won’t do anything to dispel that perception. I’m talkingVMware’s EVO  platform and the missing partnership between Cisco and HP. I’m sure that there is a reason beyond technology why two of VMware’s largest server hardware partners have decided to take a pass on the EVO  hyper-convergedplatform. I don’t know how much of this post will be conspiracy, but I’m for sure a theorist. I get paid to not only look at technology solutions but also understand the motives of the vendors in the overall technology market. Taking a look at the market motivators helps IT organizations fully understand their investment in any vendor’s technology.

Keith has a very interesting take on why two of the biggest server vendors out there weren’t on board with EVO:RAIL at VMworld. It’s an interesting question to answer.

Read more at: Why HP and Cisco passed on VMware EVO

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