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HP Moonshot – Stuff I Wish I’d Known

Chris Marget of Fragmentation Needed comments:

I’ve been working with HP Moonshot for some months now. It’s a neat box with a lot of interesting features. There are plenty of press releases and (possibly paid-for) “reviews” available out there, but not much frank commentary from actual end users.

What is it?
Briefly, Moonshot is a miniature blade enclosure. I’m sure there are lots of marketing folks who would like me to use different terminology, but it boils down to servers, Ethernet switches and power all rolled into one box.

There are some key differentiators between this enclosure and some of its larger cousins:

A comprehensive list from Chris covering some of the parts of HP Moonshot that you might not know about up front. If you’re looking to buy one soon, memorize this list!

Read more at: HP Moonshot – Stuff I Wish I’d Known

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