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IPv6 Adoption in the UK

David Gee of comments:

One of my biggest annoyances for a while has been the lack of interest in IPv6 in the UK. There just isn’t a thirst for it. I’m pretty convinced it’s down to lack of sales support by out coin operated fraternity of technology touting army of salesmen (and women). Justifications like “IPv4 is running out” and “IPv6 when wielded correctly gives us huge growth potential” just isn’t enough to convince anyone that it’s here and is ready for adoption in enterprises nationally. The commoditisation of last mile circuits and consumer grade connectivity has also driven down profit and therefore as these businesses run with tightly controlled finances, the ability to invest in additional functionality with no perceivable gain is frowned upon somewhat.

So, a quote that I thumbed in to Twitter was “Would you expect sparkling vitamin water to come out of the same taps as your current still cold feed? Who would pay £1 a month more?”. The answer to this somewhat pointless frustrated question is probably not of any value to anyone barring technologists who get it. Of course you wouldn’t get it out of the same tap! Whilst it would be delivered from the same set of infrastructure technologies, some special “demixer” tap would be required to deliver the two substances at the end point. You then have the choice of still, sparkling vitamin, or a mix of the two! Not a great analogy but I needed something commodity to compare it against.

Increasing the adoption of IPv6 isn’t an easy task. Articles like this one are needed to point out how far we still have to go, even when the hurdles aren’t exactly technical.

Read more at:  IPv6 Adoption in the UK

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