IT Burnout:  Work, Email and Vacation Time

When was the last time you checked your email? Odds are good it was within the last ten minutes, right? Well, how often do you check your work email when you’re on vacation? If you’re like me you check it far more often than you should. We’re finding ourselves in a world of being hyperconnected but also hyper available. And being “on” all the time can quickly lead to burnout.

Teresa Miller knows how that feels. She wrote up a great post about IT burnout and specifically about this feeling that we need to constantly check our email when we’re technically not working. She shares some of her feelings:

When burnout set in for me I wasn’t able to just quit working, so I decided I needed to change my pace.  Choosing something different that would let me remain technical, but not have the demand and pressure to work 24×7.  This was when I went independent taking only the work that we allow me to maintain balance.  Looking back an observing how I felt emotionally and physically it took me 4 months to feel human again, to feel clear-minded and balanced.

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