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Learning about VMware NSX without having it

Andrea Mauro of vInfrastructure Blog comments:

One issue about VMware NSX it that it does not exist an evaluation or a trial code in order to study and test it. This because the code is still on a Nicira web site and is much more restricted compared to other VMware code.

Also VMware partner may be not entitled to download it, unless they don’t have the NSX competency. Individual can got an access only through one of the NSX official course: I’ve take the ICM on NSX 6.0 and the access on Nicira web site was granted me at the end of the course (but note only for the NSX for vSphere, not for the NSX multi-hypervisor)…

The “chicken and egg” problem of trying to learn a new technology without access to it is as old as IT itself. Thankfully, Andrea has a collection of great links to help you get started on your NSX learning adventure.

Read more at: Learning about VMware NSX without having it

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