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Re: Liking One Social Wi-Fi Case Study- and Disliking Another

Drew Lentz of Wireless Nerd writes:

The information, in the case study that we are using, that is gathered from the profile is not stored for more than the user session in the environment. Why? Because of the “Christmas Music” factor. If I retain your info and hang onto it, what happens when you’re listening to Christmas music in December and you return to the AP in July? I don’t care about your previous musical taste because it’s not relevant. Relevancy is the whole key to this thing. Sure, there is data that can be collected and used to draw conclusions (top 10 music lists, top 40 artists of the year, etc.) but that data doesn’t have to be tied to any personal data whatsoever.

The key here, again, is to deliver relevancy to the end-user by using the most current and up to the minute information possible. Music, food, experience, etc. all play into that, but only for the life of the session. Transient data my friend .. definitely saves on “big data” storage costs as well 🙂

Hot off his Wireless Field Day 7 appearance, Drew is writing some great content about social Wifi. Drop in and be sure to tell him what a great job he’s doing!

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