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Managing SMB Multichannel in SMB 3.0

Aiden Finn of Petri IT Knowledgebase comments:

SMB 3.0 is Microsoft’s data protocol that was introduced in Windows Server 2012 (WS2012). This data protocol evolved to SMB 3.02 in Windows Server 2012 R2 (WS2012 R2). One of the features of SMB 3.0 is SMB Multichannel, which can cause unexpected issues if left unmanaged. In this series, I will explain why you need to manage SMB Multichannel, and how you can place constraints on the feature to control different NICs it uses. In this post, I’ll start by looking at how SMB selects a NIC to use.

Multichannel is a great new feature in SMB 3.0. But it does take a bit of management to understand and use to its fullest potential. Read Aiden’s post to get a good background.

Read more at: Managing SMB Multichannel in SMB 3.0

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