Micro-Segmentation: What, Why, How?

Microsegmentation is the new way to secure your data. It’s a big word that has a lot of meaning behind it. There’s a lot to know about it. But one of the most important things you need to understand his how it fits into the grand scheme of things with regards to layered security.

Joe Onisick has made a career out of finding new and exciting technologies and explaining them to practitioners in a way that helps them understand how that workflow will fit into their daily lives. He has a great post about microsegementation where he delves into the way it integrates into a traditional layered security model and how it addresses the challenges we all face in security traffic.

Here’s a great example of the wisdom he’s imparting to us:

The ability to use various segmentation methods in parallel is important. Every environment will have different security needs. More so, within every environment different applications/data/workloads will have different needs. Having options allows you to fine-tune cost, time-to-deploy, and security risk accordingly.


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