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My Ultimate SD-WAN Solution

You’re probably familiar with SD-WAN by now. It’s become a standard technology widely deployed across several locations to augment connectivity. Also, SD-WAN provides you with the capabilities you need to get into the cloud safely, at scale, with the right design. You could probably figure out how to build your SD-WAN design with a little bit of effort.

There are those out there that know SD-WAN very well. Romain Jourdan is one of them. He has been working on WAN technology at Riverbed since before the days of SD-WAN.

With his expertise in WAN optimization and leadership during the first years of SD-WAN development, he knows what good SD-WAN solutions should look like. He took the time to write out some of his thoughts and list some of the characteristics that a good solution would need. Here’s one of his many ideas:

What I believe is missing today for many vendors is the variety of form factors. Hardware appliances are primarily asked by customers and Telco Providers. It is a given. They are not going to disappear any time soon as long companies have factories, campuses, headquarters and any other offices with tens, hundreds or more users.

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