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NEC brings a strong offering to the SDN table

Nick Buraglio of The Forwarding Plane writes:

When NEC began talking about SDN at Network Field Day 9, I was not sure what to expect. I knew they had been heavily involved with openflow since the early days, and many years ago I was able to get my hands on their early OpenFlow controller and was immediately frustrated by its cryptic nature and frankly, poor documentation. Their switches were fine and were heavily utilized in early OpenFlow deployments. I knew they had decent support and were squarely on board the SDN train. Their controller, in 2010, was not terribly fun to work with. It was (if memory serves) prohibitively expensive and the support manual was nearly as cryptic as the controller. Because it’s my personality type, I went in with a very open mind, hoping to be surprised. After all, it’d been 4+ years since I’d seen that controller.

Nick has some great thoughts about the Networking Field Day 9 presentation from NEC. They were one of the first to embrace OpenFlow, and it really shows in their newest offerings.

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