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NetBrain Blew My Mind!

Jennifer Huber of I ? WiFi writes:

Many moons ago I was a Network Administrator who managed static IP addresses by consulting the critical IP Networks Excel Spreadsheet. I had to find a free Windows based app which would show me a diff view of two switch configurations during the 15 day trial window. I had to create network diagrams in Visio which never included the information I needed when I was troubleshooting an issue with the very same network which I had previously drawn. I remember the Senior Network Administrator being very leery of software monitoring solutions which monitored by polling the network devices. At the time, I imagined that any additional load on our network devices would cause the whole network to suffer under the load of  any additional monitoring traffic.

The pace of change in monitoring and mapping tools is impressive. Something so basic and necessary to the everyday job of a networking professional shouldn’t be neglected. Read on for Jennifer’s thoughts on NetBrain.

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