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NFS Storage Lovers Rejoice – Infinio Accelerator Now Available

Chris Wahl of the Wahl Network writes:

As you may recall, Infinio leverages the use of host DRAM to provide a write-through cache for virtual machines.  The Infinio Accelerator is an OVA that is deployed to each host. Each appliance creates a bridge network, builds a vSwitch, and leverages proxy ARP. The storage array ends up thinking that it is talking to the ESXi host, and the host ends up thinking it is talking to the storage array. The accelerator will  only take action on NFS requests relevant to the storage — it won’t blindly capture other traffic. Today, the solution is focused on write-through performance acceleration, which ultimately provide an offload of reads from the array, which both boosts read performance and reduces read latency.

Great technology from Infinio. Don’t forget to watch their appearances at Tech Field Day 9 and their VMworld roundtable.

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