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Nutanix and Scale: Two ends of the hyper-converged market

Keith Townsend of Virtualized Geek comments:

The hyper-converged infrastructure has two completely different ends of the spectrum when it comes to potential end-users. An example  of two different systems positioned at different markets is a comparison between Nutanix and Scale Computing. Nutanix has a lion’s share of the  mind share for  the hyper-converged market. For companies looking to keep their operations cost low, hyper-converged systems are compelling options. Hyper-converged systems are combined storage and compute nodes that scale out both performance and capacity by adding additional nodes to a cluster. These systems leverage a proprietary software interface to the hardware. This allows hyper-converged systems to reduce the overall administrative burden.

Scale is doing some interesting things, as we found out recently at Storage Field Day 5. Read on to see what Keith thinks of their approach, especially against Nutanix.

Read more at:  Nutanix and Scale: Two ends of the hyper-converged market

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