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OpenDaylight and Those Pesky Southbound APIs

Matt Oswalt from Keeping It Classless writes:

As I’ve mentioned before, the  OpenDaylight Project  (ODL) is an open source project aimed at providing an common framework for doing SDN. This means that we don’t have to choose OpenFlow, or onePK, or SNMP, or Netconf, etc. as the end-all be-all API for programming our infrastructure. Instead, all of these are abstracted behind generic network logic, and OpenDaylight translates between the two. This means you don’t have to teach your applications how to speak OpenFlow, or anything like that. One common framework to interact with the network that isn’t restricting you to one or a few southbound APIs.

Matt’s putting his money where his mouth is and contributing to the OpenDaylight project via code updates. But the southbound API scene is a jungle. Read on to see his take on it.

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