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An Outsider Looks At AirTight’s Recent Hires

Lee Badman of wirednot comments:

I don’t get to the Silicon Valley very often, but I am a professional free-lance media type and I’ve been monitoring and covering goings on in the WLAN space for a lot of years.  Last night I got an email regarding Steven Glapa leaving Ruckus, and heading for AirTight networks as the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer.  I don’t usually give coverage to staff changes in the Valley, as there are just too many of them that happen frequently, and I’m not big on puffing up egos by reporting on individuals’ career decisions. But something about the AirTight email got me thinking beyond their new CMO.

Lee has some interesting thoughts on the recent AirTight talent acquisitions. I am always curious when these talent shifts occur. Is the grass greener? Or is there something there? Time will have to tell for now.

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