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Pondering the SSID: More Than Meets the Eye

Lee Badman of wirednot comments:

If your ISP provides the wireless router you use at home, your Wi-Fi network probably starts life with some sterile, generic-sounding SSID like “HOME-3328-5? or similar. You may or may not have the ability to change it. If you can alter it, or use your own wireless router, it’s typical to make the new network name something either personal, or perhaps an attempt at humor. There are a lot of “Jones Wi-Fi” and “YourDogPoopsOnMyYard” SSIDs out there. You have 32 characters to play with, and people can get pretty creative, or pretty stupid. The sky’s the limit.

A great look at the ins-and-outs of the humble SSID. Just remember, if you get creative with the name someone will post it on the Internet.

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  • Yes People are Creative, Stupid and Some times Awkward when naming their SSID. For example lets take this:

    Abraham Linksys
    Shut up your Dogs
    Go Home Tourists
    Virus Infected Wifi
    404 Network not found
    My Own Damn Internet

    All of these are creative ideas to name the SSID. However, for those who doesn’t have creativity I made a list of Best Wifi names to go ahead. You can find the article Right here.

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