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Pope Francis and Devops — On Further Genuflection

rsts11 – Robert Novak on system administration comments:

We practicitioners in the sysadmin world are surrounded by marketers, headhunters, and opportunistic writers who latch onto different flavors of the Devops concept. People outside our sphere see the buzz and the branding from us and from this border element as well. When those of us doing the work can’t agree on a message that is clear and accurate without being exclusionary, we do more harm than good.  

Rob has a great take on the Cult of DevOps. There are zealots out there that will tell you DevOps is the only way for the future. I’m sure the opposition to that is too busy doing work to rebuff that assertion. Thankfully, Rob has fired the first volley.

Read more at: Pope Francis and Devops — On Further Genuflection

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