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Rants about Petabytes and medium sized enterprises

Enrico Signoretti of Juku comments:

A year ago (maybe more) I was in a meeting with a storage startup. We were discussing their product architecture when I expressed my concerns about the inapplicability of their product to medium sized environments because it was designed to manage Multi Petabyte infrastructures. The answer I got “who doesn’t have a PetaByte nowadays?!?”, left me somewhat puzzled although I acted as if all was normal. ;)
I know, if you live in the Silicon Valley Petabytes are peanuts, but for the rest of the world a Petabyte sounds like a lot!

Terabytes are the new gigabyte. Employees are creating so many artifacts in the system that their data footprint is growing exponentially. If you aren’t looking for petabyte storage solutions, you may find yourself running out of room.

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