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SaveTheTree – Docker in enterprises

Nigel Poulton of Technical Deep Dive comments:

First up…. this has nothing to do with saving trees – at least of the botanical variety. This has everything to do with Docker in the enterprise!


So… I spun up some new Docker hosts the other day… and it wasn’t long before I needed my trusty old friend `docker images –tree`. Well what was my horror when I got bitch-slapped with this:

npoulton@ip-10-0-0-90:/home/ubuntu$ sudo docker images --tree
 flag provided but not defined: --tree
 See 'docker images --help'.

Basically the `–tree` flag’s been pulled from the code! And yes, I know it’s been throwing “Warning: ‘–tree’ is deprecated” warnings at me since forever. I just never thought they’d actually go through with it.

And you know what right… I know it’s just a piece of software we’re talking about here.. but I’m seriously mortified by this. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more poignant lesson that it’s the litle things that make a big difference. Such a tiny command, that was so insanely powerful for Docker image management.

Great workaround for a missing command from Nigel.

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