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SD-Access and E-911 Services

Having worked on phone systems years ago, I can fondly remember emergency services and call routing challenges. Even with the most basic setup involving T1/PRI lines, it could be a challenge. When something serious happens, you want to make sure the medical teams show up to the right branch office as soon as possible. Worse yet, in a distributed environment, you really don’t want the wrong city to respond to the emergency.

When something serious happens, you want to make sure medical teams show up where they need to.

Peter Welcher has been going through a lot of SD-Access deployment topics over the past few months. His tips are invaluable for everyone looking to make these installations work the first time. I think this recent topic of handling E-911 services is critical for the consideration of VoIP deployment. Here are some of the essential points he brings up in this post:

E-911 location services are something you need to think about when planning your SD-Access design and deployment. Two common approaches are discussed above. If your solution is subnet-based rather than switch/port-based, then you can either change to a product that uses switch/port mapping, or you can use per-switch IP pool over-rides in DNA Center.  

Read more at Peter’s blog here:

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