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Signs of Life for the VMware VMTN Subscription Movement

Chris Wahl from Wahl Network comments:

Raghu decided to champion the question by stating that chances of such a program returning are “very high.” I was rather shocked to hear this, as a return of VMTN Subscription has been something the community has literally been spending years shouting a return for. And while details were not outlined as to when such a program might actually see the light of day, a rough sketch of the program concept was shared by Raghu. He stated that adoption of the original subscription model was very low, but also admitted that back in those days, VMware had very few products in the portfolio.

If VMware is truly serious about driving adoption of their product lines, they need to let their trusted partners and evangelists get lab copies for a reduced cost.  Not yearly evals, but real copies with real licenses.  Also, a nice portal to download them instead of needing to use the broken “request an annoying sales email” model.
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