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Solarwinds AppStack with SRM Flavor and More!

Amy Manley of Virtual Chick comments:

I think every engineer or sysadmin wants the one monitoring tool that does it all.  It is elusive and many vendors claim they can do it.  You see in a lot of scenarios, that I have product vAwesome that monitors just my VMs.  Product PLENTYOFIOPS monitors storage.  Product iNEVERSLEEP monitors my network.  Then there’s overlap with SCOM, vCOPs or whatever product the DBA team has chosen.  There are probably monitoring tools in your environment that you aren’t aware of, that are running because teams just want something that works for their particular area of expertise. Eventually, there is so much chatter that people ignore the alerts.

AppStack is going to change the way that people do monitoring. Read on for Amy’s take on why.

Read more at: Solarwinds AppStack with SRM Flavor and More!

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