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Top Enterprise IT Stories of 2023 | The Gestalt IT Rundown: December 20, 2023

It has been a big year in the enterprise IT industry for many reasons. Pat Gelsinger and Intel continue to refocus its business, the SEC gets serious with SolarWinds, Broadcom’s deal to acquire VMware, HPE Aruba Ascendant, the incredible rise of generative AI, the battle of open source licenses, and of course, the Futurum Group acquiring Gestalt IT and Tech Field Day. Let’s discuss on this year-end edition of the Gestalt IT Rundown.

0:42 – Intel Continues Business Focus

In 2023, Intel, under the leadership of Pat Gelsinger, underwent significant transformations to focus on its core strengths in manufacturing and processors. The company exited non-core businesses such as servers and drones, emphasizing a return to its semiconductor roots. This strategic shift included expansions in semiconductor manufacturing facilities globally, demonstrating Intel’s commitment to reclaiming leadership in this industry, and the year also marked the passing of Gordon Moore, a significant figure in the tech industry and integral to Intel’s history.

4:52 – SEC Getting Serious, Especially with SolarWinds

In 2023, the U.S. government, particularly the SEC, took a significant stance on data breaches, notably in the solar winds case. The SEC imposed a four-day window for companies to disclose material breaches, signaling a more stringent approach to accountability. This regulatory shift became evident in October when SolarWinds’ CISO was indicted, setting a precedent for holding individuals accountable for cybersecurity incidents, with potential long-term implications for corporate governance and breach disclosures.

9:24 – Broadcom VMware Deal

In 2023, Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware marked a significant industry event, capturing attention and raising questions about the future of the virtualization giant. The year-long saga, marked by uncertainty and regulatory hurdles, culminated in the deal’s closure on November 22nd. Post-acquisition, VMware underwent reorganization and announced plans to spin off its end-user computing and security units, with a notable shift in licensing schemes, leaving industry observers cautiously optimistic about the company’s future under Broadcom.

12:55 – HPE Aruba Ascendant

In 2023, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) made significant moves in the enterprise tech space with strategic acquisitions and integrations. Acquiring Athonet and Access Security within a week solidified HPE’s position in the private LTE, 5G, and SASE markets, showcasing a comprehensive approach to emerging technologies. The integration of Aruba’s expertise with HPE’s broader portfolio highlighted their commitment to providing end-to-end solutions, leading to the co-location of Aruba Atmosphere with HPE Discover in 2024, symbolizing a unified corporate strategy and culture.

17:09 – Gen AI is the Rage

In 2023, AI, particularly OpenAI’s ChatGPT, became a central focus in the tech industry, captivating public attention and sparking both excitement and concerns. OpenAI’s introduction of ChatGPT in December 2022 led to widespread adoption, with over a million signups in just five days. Despite scaling and accessibility challenges, OpenAI remained a key player, securing a significant investment from Microsoft and maintaining its position as a major force in the evolving landscape of generative AI.

22:18 – The Open Source Licensing Battle

In 2023, the open-source landscape witnessed significant shifts in licensing models, exemplified by Red Hat’s controversial changes to its CentOS distribution and HashiCorp’s adoption of a new business source license (BSL) for its software, notably Terraform. Red Hat’s move to restrict access to source code and HashiCorp’s BSL, preventing the use of their software in competing projects, sparked backlash from the open-source community. The response included the forking of Terraform into Open Tofu under the Linux Foundation, highlighting a growing commitment to preserving open-source principles and preventing impediments to collaborative development.

27:48 – The Futurum Group Acquires Tech Field Day and Gestalt IT

As for the biggest news of the year, for us anyway, The Futurum Group has acquired Gestalt IT and Tech Field Day, aiming to make Field Day events bigger and better over the coming years. Despite the transition, Tom and Stephen will continue to lead the events, assuring viewers that their distinct voice and brand of snark will continue into 2024 and beyond.

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