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SSID Overhead – How Many Wi-Fi SSIDs Are Too Many?

Andrew von Nagy of Revolution Wi-Fi comments:

One of the most commonly cited best practices among Wi-Fi professionals is to the limit the number of SSIDs you have configured on your WLAN in order to reduce the amount of overhead on the network and to maintain high performance. But there is not a lot of public data out there to really drive home this point when explaining it to another engineer, management, or a customer. Simply telling someone that they shouldn’t create more than ‘X’ number of SSIDs isn’t very convincing.

Therefore, I’ve created a visual tool to help you explain WHY too many SSIDs is a bad thing:

More is not always better. Andrew visually points out the reason why having an overabundance of SSIDs in your environment is a bad planning decision. Consider this SSID 101.

Read more at: SSID Overhead – How Many Wi-Fi SSIDs Are Too Many?

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