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Tanzu Community Edition Strengthens VMware’s Credibility as a Key Open-Source Player

Open source software helps significantly with software adoption. Being able to see a new solution being formed and worked on by a community invested in the success of the project shows how passionate people can be about their development skills. Some of the most successful software out there has been developed in an open source model. One of those projects that has take the world by storm is Kubernetes, the Google-backed container solution.

VMware is a company that has moved to embrace Kubernetes, even if the idea of open source containers runs contrary to their virtual machine platforms. However, the announcement of Project Tanzu has led to the VMware community adopting containers more rapidly than any time in the past. For companies looking to pick which solution to adopt there is a lot of value in using VMware Tanzu to figure out which direction you’d like to go.

Pietro Piutti is a VMware expert that knows the real value of a platform like VMware Tanzu and how it can be a huge boon to VMware’s aspirations to champion open source projects and encourage developers that want to be more familiar with their platform. As he writes in an excellent post:

Developers should be delighted to be able to pick Tanzu CE as their application platform of choice. They will be able to meet the ops teams on the same ground, using in development the same tools the operations team supports in prod. Consistency, right? Maybe this doesn’t yet fully close the circle as many other moving parts are needed to make it a reality but it really is the beginning of something big: Tanzu Application Platform finally available in Beta, but also Mission Control – perhaps in the free tier Starter Edition – come to my mind as valuable additions to Tanzu CE, but that’s fuel for another post maybe.

Read more at Pietro’s blog here: Tanzu Community Edition strengthens VMware’s credibility as a key open-source player

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