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Technologies and the Protocols May Not Be Used for What They Were Intended

By now, you’ve probably heard the urban legend that the Internet was created out of the nascent DARPANet created by the US military as a hardened network built to survive a nuclear attack. Thanks to the Internet itself, we now know that the purpose of the Internet was more focused on scientific research and not as a CnC system after the fall.

Orhan Ergun recaps some of these discussions while also highlighting that we often transform new protocols and technologies to do things they were intended to originally do. I often highlight this in some of my talks where I point out that Sildenafil was originally a blood pressure medication that had a very interesting side effect. You can Google the name to find out when it became today.

Orhan also has this great piece:

When MPLS was first introduced, it was faster processing of header, so packet transmission would be efficient and performance of the system would increase. Today, MPLS is used mainly for VPNs and couple other services of it, almost no one deploy it for faster processing.

Make sure you check out more about his protocol discussions!

Read more at his blog – Technologies and the protocols may not be used for what they were intended

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