IT’s Not Just About Technology

Paul Stewart writing for The Tech Interview comments:

There’s a lot of great blogs and resources that get really deep into specific areas of tech. While it may sound really strange, this site is decidedly not one of them. The focus of The Tech Interview is quite different. Instead of focusing on the bits and bytes of technology, we look at the un-tech side of tech. So what does that mean? And more importantly, why should you care?

Learning that IT is more than bits and blinking lights will make your career go a lot further than those that just keep their head buried in the sand. The world may need ditch diggers, but someone needs to know the value of the ditch. Be that person.

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Tom Hollingsworth

Tom Hollingsworth is a networking professional, blogger, and speaker on advanced technology topics. He is also an organizer for networking and wireless for Tech Field Day.  His blog can be found at https://networkingnerd.net/

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