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Thank Goodness 5 GHz Is Done For American Wi-Fi

Lee Badman of wirednot comments:

When you think about it, the whole 5 GHz thing has been a complete pain in the backside since it came to the Wi-Fi world. Sure, the 802.11a technology worked in cleaner spectrum than 11b and g back in the day- but it was so complicated. We all had to learn some new numbers and acronyms, and that in itself really sucked.  Sometimes 5 GHz rubber ducky antennas were flat or squarish instead of round. It was pretty over-the-top. But looking back, it got worse… MUCH worse.

With 802.11n and 11ac, utter craziness set in. They were doing this “wide channel” thing, and the 2.4 GHz band started losing users. Clients were getting faster speeds and better overall Wi-Fi experience in that ridiculous 5 GHz band. What is THAT? Like seriously- common clients had the gall to adapt to 5 GHz… And the WLAN vendors! Holy crow, those idiots out in the Silicon Valley actually made dual-band access points! What in the name of all things decent and technically prudent were they thinking?

I think I see Lee’s tongue firmly in his cheek with this article. The Globalstar platform has some great marketing around it, but the technical pieces are a bit lacking. Make sure you listen to your wireless professionals before taking the plunge.

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