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The best Windows laptop for a wireless professional is an Apple Mac Book?

Craig Schnarrs of comments:

I have been searching for the best laptop, to be used by a wireless professional, I have looked at so many of them, from Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo and even the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. My criteria, for this choice are it has to be lightweight, it has to have a good battery life, and it has to be stable no constant problems or blue screens of death.

Almost all of the software that is used by a wireless professional is Microsoft Windows based, so naturally I was looking at the latest ultrabooks. I tried almost everything that was out there but they all had their problems, to heavy, not enough battery life, bad display, uncomfortable keyboard. I saw a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, it was lightweight, had decent battery life, great screen. The downside to the Surface Pro 3 was the keyboard was flimsy and awkward to type on I could live with this though.

More and more, people are choosing to use the MacBook not because of the software, but because the hardware is solid and predictable. Most of the wireless folks (and networking people as well) are using them for every day jobs.

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