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Top 5 Reasons Why Mario Would Be A Great IT Pro

The skills it takes to be a professional in any discipline aren’t mutually exclusive. You can be a good listener and that would translate well into being a lawyer or a therapist. You could be a fast runner and be equally at home in a sports stadium or on a rock band tour trying to get instruments on stage as quickly as possible. Those attributes even apply to fictional characters as well.

Mario, the plumber from Nintendo, is one of the most recognizable characters in the world along with Mickey Mouse and others. He’s a tenacious adventurer that has the resilience to face new challenges and come out on top. But did you know that he has several other skills that translate well into the world of enterprise IT? Maybe not the parts where he’s jumping on sentient mushrooms or throwing fire at evil lizard kings. However, A.J. Murray has put together a fun list of some of the things he would bring to the table if he joined your team to help work on the infrastructure. Here’s a good example from the post:

Sometimes Super Mario Brothers is a 1 player game, but more often than not he has a team. Whether it’s his brother Luigi, or friends like Toad and Yoshi, and even the Princess, he is never really alone. He can’t do it all alone. And neither can we! We have the support of our team. We might have our focus areas but we couldn’t do what we do if it weren’t for our team members doing what they do.

Make sure you read more of A.J.’s post at the Skyline ATS blog to learn more!

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