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What is Unidirectional Automation?

Matt Oswalt of Keeping It Classless comments:

I was pleased as punch to wake up the other day and read Marten Terpstra’s blog post  on  getting over the fear of using automation to make changes on our network infrastructure. He illuminated a popular excuse that I’ve heard myself on multiple occasions — that automation is great for things like threshold alarms, or pointing out the percieved root cause of a problem, but not actually fixing the problem. The idea is that the problems that occur on a regular basis, or even performing configuration changes in the first place — is a specialized task that a warm-blooded human being absolutely, no-doubt must take total control of in order to be successful.

Matt has some great points here on automation and what it takes to make it automatic and repeatable.

Read more at: What is Unidirectional Automation?

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