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The VDI Landscape is Shifting in Microsoft’s Favor

Scott Lowe writing for CIOscape comments:

A little over a year ago, Wikibon predicted the following regarding the most likely future of the Hyper-V and vSphere:“…believe that VMware’s greatest risk is in the SMB [and] midmarket. Although VMware has attempted to do better in this space, this has been an underserved area and often goes to VMware simply by default  and because Microsoft has yet to provide a compelling story. With Hyper-V 3, the story will be there from a feature set perspective, and this will push SMBs to more carefully consider Microsoft as a viable platform for virtualization and private clouds, particularly given some of Hyper-V 3’s SMB friendly features, such as shared nothing migrations that don’t require expensive storage.”

Is 2014 going to be yet another “Year of VDI”? That’s up for grabs. I think Microsoft is going to make a better showing of it based on the deep integration with Hyper-V they’ve been putting in their latest platforms. But how well will touch work over VDI?

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