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VeloCloud & Information Brokerage

Lindsay Hill comments on his blog:

VeloCloud was the first presenter at Network Field Day 9. They are one of the new breed of SD-WAN vendors. I’m impressed by what they’re doing, and and the potential it offers for re-thinking the way we do WAN connectivity. But I think the most interesting part is the increased visibility into how networks are performing.

I won’t go into the details of how it all works – Brandon covers some of it here, and you can look through VeloCloud’s site to understand it more. I want to focus on a few details around data analysis, and information brokerage.

When arguing with your ISP about performance, information is ammunition. VeloCloud gives you that information in their Brokerage. Read on for Lindsay’s thoughts about it.

Read more at: VeloCloud & Information Brokerage

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