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VSAN Is No Better Than a HW Array

Nigel Poulton of Technical Deep Dive comments:

The way I see it, the VSA approach offers more choice, more competition, and is ideologically superior.

I’m a huge believer that competition drives innovation, as well as value for customers. Not only are there a ton of VSA products to choose from, but VSAs commoditize the hypervisor. I mean…. as long as a VSA vendor supports their VSA on multiple hypervisors, there’s absolutely no reason why a VSA running on top of vSphere can’t replicate with a VSA running on top of Hyper-V. And if you’re on vSphere today, you can absolutely switch over to Hyper-V tomorrow (or vice-versa). And the notion that the hypoervisor no longer matters (i.e. its commoditized) is a great idea in my book — it’s the next natural step from commoditization of hardware.

Interesting take on VSAN from Nigel. I agree that you’re trading one lock-in for another, no matter how software defined it is.

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