I think we’ve been here before…

Carl Niger of Come Route With Me! comments:

I’ve been failing miserably at getting some posts written. Working with VxLAN and leaf/spine design a lot lately, and also trying to get 1kv working on KVM (serious dearth of documentation there) though, so hopefully there will be some cool new stuff soon.

In the mean time,  I just figured I’d write a short post about how crazy and cyclical this industry is in general. As I mentioned I’ve been living the VxLAN dream lately which is a blast, but I can’t help but to notice how silly VxLAN is at the end of the day. Don’t get me wrong I think its super cool. The scalability and flexibility that it affords is absolutely awesome. I also happen to believe that its ‘won’ the overlay war and that we will be stuck with it (for better or worse) for at least a little while.

A great post from Carl about VXLAN, bridging, and how everything old seems to be new again if you just wait long enough.

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