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Why VSAN and VVOLs are Not Software Defined

Chris Evans of Architecting IT Blog comments:

Every so often another attempt is made by the vendor community to put a definition to what we call “software defined storage” or SDS.  The current discussion is on VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) and VVOLs, software features focused on storage within the vSphere hypervisor ecosystem. This seems like a good opportunity for me to review what I’ve written in the past and see if there’s an improvement to be made to my existing definitions.  It’s also an opportunity to explain why I don’t think VSAN or vVOLs are truly software defined.

An interesting take from Chris on the new storage offerings from VMware. Do you think they fit into the software defined mold?

Read more at: Why VSAN and VVOLs are Not Software Defined

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