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What I like about the new “WiFi Scanner”

Mike Albano writes on his Dumping ground for wireless route switch stuff:

I walk into a populated lecture hall. 400+ devices across 4 AP’s/8 Radios. Typically, I look at my infrastructure to check the client distribution across those AP’s, whether Cisco Prime, AMP or similar. I still might do that, but with this tool I now have much easier access to that data, assuming I can hear Beacons from all AP’s. Also, if I’m not the owner of the infrastructure, it gives me the opportunity to see the client distribution amongst the AP’s in the area. Something I always want to check is if the clients are being distributed amongst the available radios as much as possible (most vendors market some form of anti-sticky client features). This allows me to check that without logging in to anything. This is pulled from the ‘QBSS Load Element’ (QoS Enhanced BSS) portion of the Beacon:

Wifi, more than any other networking pursuit, is defined by tools. Read on for Mike’s review of the WiFi Scanner tool.

Read more at: What I like about the new “WiFi Scanner”

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