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Working with NSX — Configuring VXLAN and VTEPs

Chris Wahl of the Wahl Network comments:

It’s now time to build the logical network and the control plane for NSX between the computer cluster resources and the controllers.  To accomplish this, we’ll spend time configuring VXLAN for the corresponding computer clusters, creating VTEP interfaces on the  ESXi hosts, defining a range of segment IDs, and boxing it all up into a transport zone. Once this is complete, all of the “one time deployment” tasks for NSX will be completed, and we can move along towards building out the network and security services that tenants will want to consume.

Chris gets under the hood of VMware NSX here to talk about VXLAN configuration. Read on for some great tips.

Read more at: Working with NSX — Configuring VXLAN and VTEPs

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