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ZeroStack – A Better Way to do OpenStack

Chris Evans of Architecting IT writes:

My first opportunity to see OpenStack in action was a 2011 event at Vinopolis in London (sadly Vinopolis closes at the end of this year, so that experience won’t be repeated).  Throughout the presentations I was surprised to see a focus on how fast code had been written (statements like, “we did that in 2 days”, “we did that overnight”) when really writing any software to the level expected of a platform like OpenStack should be about working with care and with the requisite amount of time and effort.  That being said, OpenStack was only a year old, so perhaps what we were seeing was the youthful exuberance of a new platform, originally created by NASA and Rackspace Inc, but now supported by an enormous range of contributors, including HPE, Hitachi Data Systems, Cisco, NetApp and EMC.

It’s great to see ZeroStack through the eyes of someone that has seen OpenStack grow up!

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