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Takeaways From Facebook’s ’21 Outage

If you paid the slightest bit of attention to the news during the week of October 4th, then you surely heard about the multiple-hour outage that sent Facebook and its subsidiary sites spiralling into a tailspin. Although the still-functioning, non-Facebook social media sites decidedly tore into the company, adding slight insult to injury, many members of the global IT community recoiled.

After all, if something this catastrophic could happen to one of the world’s largest networks, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that it could happen to their own? Well, if you listen to this episode of the Gestalt IT News Rundown where we cover the story, you’ll hear your friend and mine, Tom Hollingsworth talk about his takeaways from the event.

What Can You Learn From Facebook’s Meltdown?

After the majority of the fervor died down, Tom also released his full writeup on his personal blog, applying his sage networking expertise with his usual addition of snark. Here’s how it begins:

Let me start off the whole thing by reiterating something important: Your network looks absolutely nothing like Facebook. The scale of what goes on there is unimaginable to the normal person. The average person has no conception of what one billion looks like. Likewise, the scale of the networking that goes on at Facebook is beyond the ken of most networking professionals. I’m not saying this to make your network feel inferior. More that I’m trying to help you understand that your network operations resemble those at Facebook in the same way that a model airplane resembles a space shuttle. They’re alike on the surface only.

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