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AWS is the Biggest Enterprise Storage Vendor | Gestalt IT Rundown: February 17, 2021

AWS is the biggest enterprise storage vendor and the Super Micro hack was kept secret for years. We’ll discuss these stories and much more on this week’s Rundown.

Qualcomm Objects to NVIDIA Acquisition of ARM

Late last week the NVIDIA acquisition of ARM hit another hiccup. Qualcomm has quietly raised an objection to the proposed $40 billion deal. The objection stems from the potential that NVIDIA could restrict licensing of the ARM architecture to other companies. Currently ARM architecture is licensed to over 500 companies. With NVIDIA starting to align themselves as a competitor to more and more mainline chip companies, could this become an issue in the future?

Cyber Insurance Prices Rise on Ransomware Claims

Water is wet. The earth is round. And if you make a claim against your insurance your premiums are going to go up. That last fact seems to be news to companies that took out cyber insurance policies against ransomware and then found their costs increasing when they used it. Moody’s has reported a double-digit increase across the board for all policy holders as well as some steep increases for those that seem to be hit by infections regularly or have had a significant loss recently.

Datera CEO Resigns

Datera CEO Guy Churchwood has announced his immediate resignation this week. The statement released cites his observation that the pandemic has impacted the IT industry in general and his health specifically. Churchwood has been going through a lot of health issues over the past two years so this news seems to be less about the company and more about Churchwood himself.

Palo Alto Networks Acquiring Bridgecrew

Palo Alto Networks is crossing the bridge to shift left. Specifically, they have announced their intent to acquire Bridgecrew, a developer-focused security startup. Bridgecrew is focused on Infrastructure-as-Code, where the security constructs are integrated into the process as they are built instead of bolted on after the fact. Is this pickup a new area for Palo Alto Networks? Or is this more filling out a gap in their existing Prisma portfolio?

HPE Sends a Computer to Space!

HPE is sending a computer to space! Their second “Spaceborne” computer is headed to the International Space Station aboard a Northrop Grumman rocket. It’s actually an EdgeLine 4000 system with native power hardened for use aboard the station.

Super Micro Hack Was Kept Secret for Years

Remember the Bloomberg SuperMicro hacking story of 2018? Remember how Bloomberg took a lot of flack for their reporting? Well, they’ve doubled down on the investigation this week. Bloomberg is now reporting that the SuperMicro supply chain hacking story is part of a larger campaign that went back all the way to 2014. The reporting also indicates that other companies were affected, including Intel and the US Department of Defense. However, the reporting of the story looks more like a firmware update gone wrong that has impacted a significant number of companies.

AWS is the Biggest Enterprise Storage Vendor

Who is the biggest enterprise storage vendor out there? If you are thinking Dell EMC or NetApp, you’d be wrong. It is, in fact, Amazon! Chris Mellor is reporting that IT Brand Pulse released a recent market survey that puts AWS at the top of the list by revenue with Dell right behind. The survey does take some assumptions about IaaS revenue share for both Amazon and Microsoft. This is huge news for anyone that is building storage equipment and hoping to sell it in a cloud world.

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