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The Year of AR, Cloud Networking Dreams, and Nick Bowie in Gestalt News 18.9

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Featured Stories

Where AR We? 

Will 2018 be the year of Augmented Reality? Rich Stroffolino breaks down why the landscape for AR fundamentally changed in 2017, but why inertia might keep it from emerging in the short term.
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Nick Bowie – IT Origins

Every Thursday, we interview an interesting voice in IT for our IT Origins series. We dig into how they got their start in the industry, how it’s changed since then, and what are their best and worst IT trends. We also throw in some productivity tips and book recommendations. This week, we talked to Nick Bowie, a Senior Technical Account Manager with VMware, based out of Auckland, New Zealand. We discussed how Quake LAN parties played a part in beginning his IT career and throws shade at Australia over his choice of caffeine.
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Moving to the Cloud: Networking Nightmare or Dream? 

SD-WAN Options for Cloud Workload Access

Check out our latest FutureWAN18 Tech Talk by John Herbert: It’s not exactly news that enterprise businesses are moving workloads to the cloud; pretty much any analyst firm you poke will agree that cloud adoption will keep increasing in 2018, whether as IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) or Saas (Software As A Service), and maybe even a little PaaS (Platform As A Service) . While the benefits and risks of the cloud itself are fairly well established at this point, enterprises are still struggling to adjust to the new demands being made of the WAN (Wide Area Network). This post examines some of the challenges introduced by IaaS and SaaS, and looks at ways to improve the user experience, both during service migration and after the workload is fully moved to the cloud.

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Storage Field Day 15

March 7-9, 2018

The Tech Field Day will be talking bits and bytes next week at Storage Field Day in Silicon Valley. They’ve got a packed roster of companies who will have in-depth technical presentations during the event. Make sure to watch their video live stream to catch each presentation, or subscribe to their YouTube channel to catch all the video after the event. CohesityDatriumHGSTHedvigHuaweiIBMStarWind, and WekaIO will be presenting. Follow along on Twitter using #SFD15, and the announced delegates Arjan TimmermanChan EkanayakeChin-Fah HeohDan FrithDukagjin MalokuGlenn DekhayserJosh De JongLino TeleraMariusz KaczorekMichael StancliftRachel Traylor, and Ray Lucchesi.

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