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Gestalt News for the Week of April 29, 2019

Your IT News for the Week of April 29, 2019

Layered Security Isn’t About Devices

It’s become conventional wisdom that modern IT security isn’t just about not allowing malware in, rather the focus is on defense in depth. But is simply layering more devices and services on top of your infrastructure enough? In this post, Tom Hollingsworth looks at a recent Ignite Talk by Wolfgang Goerlich about why tower defense game is a good model to emulate for security.

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Gestalt IT Rundown

Get all the IT news of the week with the Gestalt IT Rundown. This week, Ken Nalbone and Richard Stroffolino talk about Docker and Arm’s new partnership, Samsung betting big on non-volatile chips, DNA storage, and more! New episodes live on Facebook Wednesdays at 12:30pm ET.

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Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World 2019

April 29 – May 2, 2019

The Field Day crew is at Dell Technologies World 2019 with Tech Field Day Extra this week. Be sure to check out who will be presenting and attending as delegates, and watch the live streams on Wednesday.

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Rich Stroffolino

Rich has been a tech enthusiast since he first used the speech simulator on a Magnavox Odyssey². Current areas of interest include ZFS, the false hopes of memristors, and the oral history of Transmeta.