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Gestalt News for the Week of February 18, 2019

Your IT News for the Week of February 18, 2019

Forget Day 0, How About Days 1-365?

VMware recently presented at Tech Field Day and covered the life of a virtualization admin, all the way from day 0 through day 365 including issues of patching, support, and scaling. Ken Nalbone considers that the ongoing care and feeding that are required to maintain and scale an infrastructure may not be as exciting to talk about when making design decisions, they are nonetheless important. Read more here.

Solving Data Problems with Hammerspace 

Paul Stringfellow took a look at Hammerspace, a data-as-a-service company recently out of stealth. Using an interesting approach to metadata, Hammerspace can help solve problems with sharing files across distance for an organization. Read Paul’s first look here.

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Storage Field Day 18

Storage Field Day
February 27 – March 1, 2019

What better way to end February than with Storage Field Day! There’s a full roster of companies set to present to the panel of delegates. Be sure to tune in to find out who the Secret Company will be at the event.

You can watch all these presentations live with the delegates right here.

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