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Security BAD, Data Devalued, and an IT Origin from Gestalt Server News 17.9

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Security is a Dumpster Fire

This week on the On-Premise IT Roundtable, the panel discusses the state of security. Responses ranged from despondent to abjectly pessimisitic. Is security simply a dumpster fire, or is it somehow worse? Our esteemed guests discuss whether it’s actually many dumpster fires or some other form of refuse conflagration. It’s an invaluable and inflammable discussion.

The Gestalt IT Rundown

Need a weekly live rundown of the latest enterprise IT news? Luckily for you, Tom Hollingsworth and Rich Stroffolino started the Gestalt IT Rundown. Each Wednesday around 12:30pm ET, the two get together to discuss the latest news. This past episode talked Cisco acquisitions, Google Cloud deals, Bad Rabbit ransomware, and the implications of the MongoDB IPO.

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IT Origins – Phil Gervasi

While we’re at it, we started an interview series on Gestalt IT. IT Origins looks to find out how your favorite bloggers, executives, and geeks got started in enterprise IT, how the industry has changed, and the most important question: how they caffeine. To start the series off, we talked to blogger, podcaster, and network engineer Phil Gervasi.

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Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO

November 6-8

Commvault GO is the company’s second annual customer conference. There will be thousands of attendees, hundreds of breakout sessions, several excellent keynotes, and a unique Tech Field Day Exclusive experience. Follow along with our delegates on Twitter, including Arjan TimmermanBecky ElliottChin-Fah HeohChris EvansErik AblesonGlenn DekhayserGreg KnieriemenHoward MarksJustin WarrenKeith TownsendMax MortillaroRay Lucchesi, and Scott D. Lowe. They’ll be posting on Twitter, their blogs, and in the Tech Field Day broadcast booth throughout the event, giving you the latest and greatest update.

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