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SNIA Hops on DePop, MoSMB, and Technical Debt in Gestalt Storage News 17.5

Storage rules everything around me. Here’s your regular look at what’s happening in storage.

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SNIA Hops on DePop with Hyperscalers

SNIA and hyperscalers are working together on storage standards to better optimize for their particular needs. SNIA’s Mark Carlson recently gave a talk describing how the DePop standard was developed to get around the problem of tail latency seen in these massive scale-out data centers. With hyperscalers buying the majority of storage bits and using them at larger scale, it’s vital for the storage industry to being to incorporate their needs on an architectural level.
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MoSMB, Less Problems

You might not have heard of Ryussi, but their MoSMB solution is certainly worth your attention. In a world where SAMBA the benefits of legacy and being free, Ryussi makes the case that there’s a market need for a proprietary SMB protocol specifically designed for enterprise NAS vendor needs.
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Technical Debt Really Isn’t All That Bad – The On-Premise IT Roundtable

In this episode, the roundtable discusses the idea of technical debt. They look into why technical debt occurs, why it isn’t always a bad thing, and how to possibly optimize for when to incur it.
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IT Origins

James Green

Gestalt IT recently launched a new interview series called IT Origins. The series talks to IT professionals, executives, and influencers to find out how they got started in the industry. We talk about where they see IT going, what’s good and what’s bad today, and how they stay so darn productive. In this interview we talk with James Green, partner with ActualTech Media. He discusses how he almost didn’t get started in IT, how caffeine changed his life, and gives some killer book recommendations. Check out the entire series for more great interviews!
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