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Words Don’t Mean Things After All! The On-Premise IT Roundtable

Do words mean things? It depends on who you ask. Often the more technically minded IT folks like hard and fast definitions, while marketing tends to lend to a more “generous” interpretation of words. Do we need to rigidly enforce definitions, or are we resigned to an infinite regress into mutual unintelligibility? We’re no stranger to this debate on Gestalt IT, but the panel sheds new light and perspective on this often frustrating premise.

On-Premises for today’s roundtable:


Stephen Foskett

Adam Carter

Andy Banta

James Green

Alastair Cook

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Rich Stroffolino

Rich has been a tech enthusiast since he first used the speech simulator on a Magnavox Odyssey². Current areas of interest include ZFS, the false hopes of memristors, and the oral history of Transmeta.

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